Membership Benefits

You can join Nirvana Fitness today at a reasonable price where you can choose from our four different membership price plans, which are flexible and convenient to you and whatever time you wish to use our facilities. Below is a list of facilities you get included in your membership.


Our ultra-modern, fully air-conditioned gym is fully equipped with all the equipment you need to utilize to achieve your personal fitness goals. Our equipment includes a wealth of treadmills, cross trainers, stepper machines, cycles and rowing machines all situated in the cardiovascular section of our gym, which also includes an aerobic section with abdominal cradles and smaller weights.

Our free weights section includes a large amount of machines to work each muscle group as well as dumbbells going all the way up to 50kg. Recent new additions to the free weights section include an operational Smiths machine and a combined Pull-up bar and Dip bar.

Swimming Pool
Our swimming pool is 20-metres in length and 1.2 metres deep throughout. It is regularly cleaned thoroughly and is kept at a reasonable and lukewarm temperature of 30 degrees. The swimming pool also has a few  classes to accommodate it. These classes include Aquafit and N & M's swimming lessons, a separate company to Nirvana Fitness.
Situated alongside our swimming is a spa, a sauna and a steam room, which are all ideal for kicking back and relaxing after a hard workout or a lengthy swim.

Aerobics Studio
Our large aerobics studio has between 40-50 different fitness classes taking place inside of it, which can help to achieve your fitness goals by simply taking them on their own, or in conjunction with other classes and your own workout in the gym. All of our classes are lead by fully qualified instructors. The floor is fully sprung which is good for the knees and ankles whilst taking part in high-intensity classes. If you should require more information on any more classes, then please check out the Classes page where a full-list of our classes and detailed information is contained.

Our professionally laid-out and equipped Dojo (martial arts centre) is licensed by East Anglia's largest independent karate organisation known as Satori Martial Arts. Martial arts classes that take place in the dojo include Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu and Aikido. Not only do we incorporate martial arts in the Dojo, but we also have a Boxing training class as well. As with our fitness classes, all of our martial arts classes are lead by fully qualified instructors. For more information on our martial arts classes, please visit the class page.

Keiser Room
This is a small addition to the various gym equipment we have. In this room, there are air-pressured operated machines which provide a more fixed movement than by using free weights or weight machinery in the gym, which can further help you achieve your fitness goals.


Nibbles Gara Fish
Garra Rufa fish originally come from the warm waters of Kangal, Turkey. For hundreds of years local people have used the Garra Rufa fish for the treatment of numerous varieties of skin disorders, including psoriasis, eczema, hard skin and acne.

The pedicure is painless, place your feet in the warm water and immediately your feet are enveloped by hundreds of the silvery orange-tinged Garra Rufa, also known as nibble fish, kangal fish, little dermatologists, doctor fish and doctorfishen.

The fish masseurs gently suck the skin. The feeling is ticklish, even pleasant, though it can take a few minutes to get used to.

Once you have passed the point of feeling ticklish, the fish begin to act as a stimulating, relaxing massage with over 100 of them running their little suction cup mouths along your feet and toes. Rest assured these inch-long fish have no teeth!

It is a natural way to exfoliate the skin.

Beauty Room
In our Beauty Room you can have wide range of holistic therapies and treatments done, all at a reduced price for members. Also in our Beauty Room is a 200-watt sun bed, the most powerful in the area. We have also recently acquired a new resident beautician who is more available throughout the weekdays.

Café Bar
Our fully licensed and air-conditioned Café Bar includes a widescreen TV , so you can watch whatever you want. We also hold host to all the available major sporting events on the widescreen TV, a list of which is available in the bar on the notice board.
We also provide a range of tasty meals and hydrating drinks at membership discount prices.


Tel: 01502 566346 to find out more

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